ICT Training

Box Clever - this is probably my favourite phrase. You might think that you are being efficient in the way that you use IT, or maybe you don't use it at all. I can offer bespoke IT training on a number of platforms, but the best is undoubtedly Google Workspace. This can allow you and your employees to work collaboratively across documents, spreadsheets and presentations. If you require further information about this and how it can help you and your business please get in touch.

Dylan, I haven't a clue.

There's nothing to be worried about.

Even the most basic of steps, I can help you write your first email, create your first presentation or show you how to calculate your profits on a spreadsheet - who likes writing this stuff on paper and endlessly type into a calculator. The range of tools that I can be bespoke, but with the sole aim of making things more efficient and easier for you.

I'm up to speed already.

There's no harm in having a chat about how you operate.

Google Workspace includes Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. All can are FREE alternatives to the other common office applications. These documents can be worked on collaboratively with a very quick learning curve, which I am sure will save your business time and money. They are super convenient as can be accessed from almost any digital device without any installation process, just a sign-in which can be bespoke to your company.

I can even help you with the basic steps of design, something like keeping your menu up to date with your latest dishes and ingredients. See an example here.

I'm fed up of losing documents!

This will be a thing of the past with Google Workspace.

All documents save as you type, so even the most trivial of documents will save automatically as you work on it - in the cloud! This means that you can access the document that you working on when sipping a tasty drink in a far flung location.